About Warren County Democrats

Warren County Iowa Democrats work to promote the election of Democrats in Iowa at all levels of government. Our purpose is to advance the interests of the Democratic Party; to sustain and advance the principles of social justice and democracy; and to uphold civil rights, civil liberties, and constitutional government. Together we can ensure that Warren County and Iowa is a great place to live.


4th of July Parades


  • Line up at 9:00am on Garfield St (near Carlisle High School, 430 School St)
  • Parade begins at 9:30am
  • Candidates Walking: Scott Ourth, Vicky Brenner, Don Davis


  • Line up at 9:30am at Norwalk High School (1201 North Ave, Norwalk)
  • Parade begins at 10:00am
  • Candidates Walking: Cindy Axne Campaign, Ryan Marquardt, Skip Phillips


  • Line up at 10:30am at the Co-op (101 1st St, Milo)
  • Parade begins at 11:00am
  •  Candidates Walking: Scott Ourth, Vicky Brenner, Don Davis


Primary 2018 Results for Warren County

Volunteer Opportunities

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