As citizens of Warren County, your voice matters. With the current Board of Supervisors completely controlled by Republicans, we encourage all Democrats, Progessives, and Independents to participate in the government of Warren County, especially by holding our Board of Supervisors accountable for their actions.


Board of Supervisors


Board Meetings 

The Warren County Board of Supervisors meets regularly on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The meeting on the first Tuesday is usually at 9:30 AM and the meeting on the third Tuesday is usually at 6:00 PM. Copies of the tentative agenda and start time are available from the Board of Supervisors Office at the Warren County Administration Building on the Friday afternoon preceding the Board meeting.

Persons, who wish to appear before the Board, or desire to have a matter considered by the Board, must contact the Board of Supervisors Office prior to 12:00 PM on the Wednesday preceding the meeting. A summary of the matter to be considered must accompany all requests for time on the agenda. Any requested time without summary information by 12:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting will be revoked for the agenda.