Find Your Precinct and Place to Vote

For Primary and General Elections, the polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. statewide. For other elections, the Warren County Auditor's office will announce he polling place hours. You will need to vote in your precinct, which is based on where you live. Click here to find your precinct and polling location. 

Polling Locations in Warren County 

Depending on the type of election, your poll location may vary. For even-number years, Primary and General Elections will be held at the following locations:

  • Allen 2: Family Life Center, 405 School St, Carlisle
  • Allen 3: Carlisle Community Building: 35 Vine, Carlisle
  • Belmont: Milo City Hall, 100 Main St, Milo
  • Cumming/WDM: Cumming Community Church, 4225 N Birch, Cumming
  • Greenfield 1: Scotch Ridge Church, 13015 Scotch Ridge Rd, Carlisle
  • Greenfield 1/DM 85: Cross Community Church, 8383 Ridgeview Dr, Des Moines
  • Greenfield 1 /DM 86: Northern Warren Fire Station, 2300 Hwy R63, Norwalk
  • Greenfield 2/Lincoln 2: Indianola Freedom Fellowship Church, 2604 N Jefferson, Indianola
  • Indianola 1: Indianola Church of Christ, 1112 E Iowa, Indianola
  • Indianola 2: Warren County Administration Building, 301 N Buxton, Indianola
  • Indianola 3: Community of Christ Church, 302 S Kenwood, Indianola
  • Indianola 4: Redeemer Lutheran Church, 1410 W Boston Ave, Indianola
  • Indianola 5: Mason Hall: 1606 Hwy 62, Indianola
  • Indianola 6: First Assembly of God Church, 1700 W 2nd Ave, Indianola
  • Indianola 7: Indianola American Legion Hall, 105 W 1st Ave, Indianola
  • Jackson: American Legion, Iowa St, St. Mary’s
  • Jefferson: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 615 Iowa Ave, Martensdale
  • Liberty: Southeast Warren High School, 1621 Tyler St, Liberty Center
  • Lincoln 1: St. Thomas Pastoral Center, 210 Hwy R63, Indianola
  • Norwalk 1: New Life Lutheran Church, 4380 Wakonda Dr, Norwalk
  • Norwalk 2/Greenfield 1: Norwalk Library, 1051 North Ave, Norwalk
  • Norwak 3/Linn: St. John Church, 720 Orchard Hill Dr, Norwalk
  • Norwalk 4: Norwalk United Methodist Church, 1801 Sunset Dr, Norwalk
  • Otter/Milo: American Legion Post 263 Milo, 210 Main St, Milo
  • Palmyra: Palmyra Township Hall, 19397 Hwy G24, Carlisle
  • Richland/Palmyra: United Presbyterian Church, 315 N Vine, Hartford
  • Squaw Creek: Medora Church Basement, 10804 Hwy G76, Medora
  • Union: Sandyville City Hall, 6645 Iowa St, Sandyville
  • Virginia: Lions Hall, 503 West St, New Virginia
  • White Breast: Lacona Community Hall, 104 N Washington St, Lacona
  • White Oak: Annett Nature Center, 15565 118th Ave, Indianola

Voter ID

Beginning January 1, 2019, Iowa voters will be required to show their ID at the polls before they vote. Voters without the necessary ID will be offered a provisional ballot and can provide ID up until the time of the county canvass of votes (Monday after election day for Primary and General Elections).

You can find out more about the new Voter ID law at the Secretary of State’s FAQ page or contact the SOS directly.

Necessary ID includes:

  • Your valid Iowa Driver’s License
  • Your non-operator ID
  • Your Voter ID Card**
  • Your passport
  • Your Military ID
  • Your Veterans ID

**If you are a registered voter without a state-issued driver’s license or non-driver’s ID, you will be receiving your new Voter ID card in the mail.  Once you receive your Voter ID Card, you should sign it and put it in your purse or wallet; you will need to take it with you to vote.

If you lose or do not receive your Voter ID card, you may request a replacement from the Warren County Auditor.  


Voting with Disabilities

If you or a family member need special assistance to vote, you have the right to an accessible voting location, accessible voting equipment and to receive assistance in casting your ballot. You can find more information on ways you or a family member that needs assistance can vote here.

Persons with vision impairment can call 888-SOS-VOTE (888-767-8683) or email to receive accessible information and services.