Central Committee

Executive Committee

  • Chair: David Betsworth
  • Vice Chair: Crystal Schrader
  • Secretary: Treasure Madsen
  • Treasurer: Cheryl Judkins
  • Affirmative Action Chair: Don Davis
  • GOTV Chair: David Kragskow

Central Committee Members by Precinct 

  • Allen 2: Marvin Grace, Tyler Mooers, 1 vacancy
  • Allen 3: Jeremy Alden, Alex Hammer, Bob Watts
  • Belmont: 2 vacancies
  • Cumming/West Des Moines: Richard Manion, 1 vacancy
  • Greenfield 1: Hazel Zimmerman, 2 vacancies
  • Greenfield 1/Des Moines 85: Steve Cotter, Sandy Doerring, Crystal Schrader
  • Greenfield 2/Des Moines 86: Skip Phillips, 1 vacancy
  • Greenfield 2/Lincoln 2: Dian Curran, Jeff Lukehart, Erica Shannon
  • Indianola 1: Linda Alloway, Renee Kimzey
  • Indianola 2: Mackenzie Bills, Bob Burns, Deb Shepherd
  • Indianola 3: Ann Montgomery, Joshua Overton
  • Indianola 4: David Betsworth, George Cummins, Cheryl Judkins, Dennis Judkins, John Poe
  • Indianola 5: Clinton Boettger, David Kragskow, Dustin Peters
  • Indianola 6: Sara Brown, 2 vacancies
  • Indianola 7: Jessica Guthrie, Wally Moll, Chris Nelson, Margaret Vernon, 1 vacancy
  • Jackson: Don Ruby, Kris Stapes
  • Jefferson: Peggy Halterman, Wyndam Sellers, Minoo Seraji-Spellerman
  • Liberty: Lynn Lester, Marianne Lester
  • Lincoln 1: Mary McCormick, Delpha Middleswart
  • Norwalk 1: Barbara Belizzi, Brad Fels, Hu Lundberg
  • Norwalk 2 / Greenfield 2: Brent Hinders, Nicholas McGee, 1 vacancy
  • Norwalk 3 / Linn: Katie Routh, Ron Routh, John Tuttle, 2 vacancies
  • Norwalk 4: Shireen Carter, Jessica Reilly, Rory Taylor
  • Otter / Milo – Benjamin Wright,  2 vacancies
  • Palmyra: Daniel Hupke, Penny Shenk
  • Richland / Palmyra: Mary Foss, Paula Martinez
  • Simpson College Democrats: Abby Schulte
  • Squaw Creek: Doug Kingsbury, Sue Kingsbury
  • Union: Rod Fee, Teresa Fee
  • Virginia: Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Kirkpatrick
  • White Breast: Ashley Werneburg, 1 vacancy
  • White Oak: Renee Hirsch, 1 vacancy

If you are interested in serving on Central Committee, please email us at warrencodemocrats@hotmail.com

2 thoughts on “Central Committee”

  1. Rosemary Stark said:

    I am Rosemary Stark, chair of the WDM Democrats and would like to tell the individuals in West Des Moines precinct 131 where the Warren County caucus will be held. I can be reached at buglady1950@gmail.com. We are haiving our next meeting on Jan 20 and I would like to be able to provide this information at that time. Thank You

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